Playtime: Capital

Isaac Julian, Victoria Miro Gallery, Museum of Modern Art
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Isaac Julien global opus about the value of everything filmed in Oslo, London, New York, Shanghai and Dubai. Starring James Franco, Maggie Chung, Mercedes Cabral and Tilda Swinton. It was an amazingly articulate visual feat that has screened at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) and in Times Square and continues to tour internationally. We worked with Isaac to script, cast and shoot the Dubai material. With a 30-man crew, we shot across 10 days with monster trucks full of kit, we had incredible unprecedented access to locations and are very proud to have played a part in bringing this masterpiece to life.


Artist: Isaac Julien

Artist Producer: Tina Pawlik

Dubai Producer: Hattie Bowering

Dubai Production Assistant: Mona Girish

DoP: Benjamin Pritchard

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