Who We Are

Wild Media is a creative production agency specialising in content for the cultural, technology and luxury markets. Our work takes every form, from documentaries and branded content, to exhibitions and research films.

Established in 2013, we now operate from Dubai, Delhi, Lisbon and Washington DC, working with global brands, international broadcasters and cultural institutions.

Driven by a love of research, we launched our qualitative research agency, Citizen Global, to help our clients navigate new territories and audiences, giving them a deeper cultural and socio-economic context through our strong regional expertise.

Our approach informs innovation and decision making, and is built on real-world insight grounded in ethnography, research and cultural immersion.

We collaborate with partners and creative talent to bring a constant stream of fresh ideas, engaging stories and insight into regional cultural and societal trends.

Culture informs everything we do.

Dalia Penzik

Company Director

Hattie Bowering

Creative Director

The Wild Bunch

Our team is a collective of super talented professionals; they are masters of their trade - Reliable. Determined. Outstanding.

Tales of Wild Media

Art: Interrupted

India’s first contemporary biennale - the frontline of art - both a cultural mecca and a mosquito breeding ground. This is where the crew, lead by Hattie Bowering, spent 2 months battling the local unions of Kochi, Kerala, to spotlight the story of incredible art that has connected to the whole world through the centuries and now finds new audiences through the biennale.

Cultural Collaboration

Adopting a satirical approach to a ‘beneath the surface’ film about Dubai, conceptual artist Christian Jankowski got creative: he and the crew donned blindfolds. We, documenting the process, were not blindfolded. Cue the slapstick - walking into doors, holes in the ground, a leopard mistaken for a dog, and police interceptions on the account of hostage - as we escorted Christian and co around the emirate.

Selfies with Tigers

Documenting the Samsung Galaxy S21 campaign, the India crew followed wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan on his quest to find tigers in Rajasthan. Just 15 minutes in, we find what we were looking for: we were eye to eye with a tiger.

Playtime Capital

We navigated the highs and lows of Dubai with British artist Isaac Julien, to produce the Dubai chapter of his acclaimed Playtime: Capital, starring Mercedes Cabral,  James Franco and Maggie Chu.  The sumptuously moody art film was a meditation on the hardships of existence and cultural and human values. With huge scale and incredible production value, the 8 screen work exhibited internationally, including Times Square and MoMA.

How to Kill a Cloud

We worked with director Tuija Halttunen as she documented scientist Hannele Korhonen on her 2 year project to stimulate rainfall over a notoriously arid region outside Abu Dhabi. Enthusiasm was tinged with ethical dilemma and internal conflict as we chased storms across the desert.

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